Vacation with/without Au Pair

Vacation with your au pair.

This is a great opportunity to expose your au pair to a different part of the country or world and maybe to your family and relatives. What a great cultural exchange experience!

There are things to consider.

Stipend is paid in full on vacation with you either on-duty or off-duty. Having your au pair work or not needs to be discussed well in advanced and expectations set and agreed upon.

If you are taking your au pair with you on vacation and intend on having her work, host family covers all expenses as when she is working at home in Seattle. Accommodation (private room), transport, 3 meals etc. On duty hours stay the same: max 10h/day, max 45h/week, stipend is paid.

If traveling on vacation with au pair and you wish to invite her and not have her work, this has to be all discussed well ahead of time. Are you asking him/her to pay flight, accommodation? Do keep in mind that an au pair’s travel budget can be significantly different to the host family’s. Is he/she coming along as another member of the family? Which ever the situation, food is the host families responsibility. Her sight seeing alone and her snacks while exploring on her own could be her responsibility just as it is in Seattle.

If au pair decides not to join you on the off- duty vacation trip, discussion of her plans is needed. If she is staying home in Seattle what are your house rules? Do you have emergency numbers for her to call in case of a plumbing, electrical, or other problem occurs? Fill up the fridge/pantry with food and leave a little cash, grocery store gift card for those last minute needs. Will this be her vacation time? If not au pair’s vacation you may set an amount of hours to do some child related household, chores for example, tidy kids closets, school backpacks,  sort and clean toys and books, and so forth.

Au pair is never to be asked to look after pets during your absence.

Below is the information found on your online account Host Family Handbook under the HELP section

“Family vacations

Some families love to take their au pairs on vacations with them; others want private time to themselves. Whether or not you invite your au pair to accompany you while you travel is your choice. However, if you require your au pair to accompany you on a family vacation and they will be considered on-duty, you are expected to provide them with their own room and pay for all expenses, in addition to the payment of at least the minimum weekly stipend. If they are on-duty, this time cannot count towards your au pair’s vacation time.

If you invite your au pair to join your family on vacation as part of their vacation time (meaning they will not be responsible for providing childcare), your au pair can be asked
to pay their own expenses. We encourage you to make this very clear from the beginning and give your au pair an idea of how much money they will need for the trip. If your au pair declines your invitation, please try not to feel offended. Most au pairs have a limited budget and prefer to spend their two weeks of vacation with friends.

If your au pair remains at your home while you are away, you must make sure that they have adequate food for the duration of your time. Remember this is their home too during their year. We encourage you to discuss expectations regarding visitors and other household rules while you are away.”

Happy travels!!



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