DS-2019- How to get it signed?

This is the information found on your au pair online account regarding having your DS-2019 signed before traveling outside the USA.

The DS-2019 form (Certificate of Eligibility) must be validated by Cultural Care Au Pair for travel to countries other than Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. However, au pairs traveling to these places by cruise may still be required by the cruise line to have their DS-2019 form validated for travel by Cultural Care Au Pair prior to travel. If the DS-2019 was signed for travel at another time, the travel signature is valid until the program end date listed in box three.


How to get your DS-2019 signed for travel

To have the DS-2019 form validated for travel, mail it to the address below and include a note telling us the dates and destinations of travel (Do NOT send the passport or I-94 record):

Cultural Care Au Pair
Attn. Travel Validation
One Education Street
Cambridge, MA 02141

Before sending your DS-0219 form to Cultural Care for travel validation, check that it is not already signed. If there is a signature in the section called “TRAVEL VALIDATION BY RESPONSIBLE OFFICER” and dated less than 12 months before your trip, then it is already signed for travel.

Cultural Care Au Pair will sign the box in the lower right corner titled “Travel Validation by Responsible Officer.” The signature is valid for one year or through the program year end date as listed in Box 3 of the DS-2019 form, whichever comes first.

If the DS-2019 form is sent to Cultural Care Au Pair less than 3 weeks before travel, please use Federal Express (FedEx) or a priority mail service and include a pre-paid FedEx envelope to expedite the return mailing. Please do not include a pre-paid return UPS or DHL envelope – we do not use these courier services.

To have the DS-2019 form sent back via FedEx, please include a check for 20 USD (shipment within the US) or 30 USD (international shipments) or call 1-800-333-6056 to pay by credit card.

Please note: If you are outside of the USA without a signed DS-2019 form, you may be denied re-entry into the country.

What to mail to Cultural care?

  • Write a note asking for the validation of your DS-2019. Include your name and your Au Pair number.
  • If it is NOT an emergency, include a self addressed envelop. It speeds up the process. For emergency, follow FedEx instruction found above.
  • Send your original DS-2019

Happy travels!

Thursday, 8 August 2019 4:40 AM


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