Education Component- How to decide on classes

 Education Component – This is a Department of State (US government) requirement.
  • An au pair needs to complete 72 hours or a total of 6 credits in a 9 or 12 month period stay. If extending for 6 months only 3 credits are required.
  • It has to be completed at an accredited school. On your online account here under HELP  you can find a list of all the accredited post secondary schools in Washington.
  • Online courses are not recognized.
  • Most au pairs attend the Seattle colleges: North, Central, South or Bellevue Colleges. List HERE check under “Education”.
  • Most au pairs find that the classes labeled for “Continuing Education” are the ones that fit the $500 budget and their schedule best.
  • Under Continuing Education you can do any courses and they counts towards your credits eg. Zumba, painting, English… These are open to the general public. You might not find exactly what you are wishing for, but it is a good place to start. An example here. of the Seattle Central College continuing education program.
  • Some colleges offer English for Au Pairs.
  • I recommend registering with the help of your host family. They can help you navigate the websites, pay the registration fee and purchase the CEU which audits your hours into credits at the end of a study quarter. Also they know if you can make it to class on time. Traffic can make that difficult.
  • There is the option of doing Au Pair Weekend Classes  These are generally out of State. Not all offer the 6 credits in one weekend also travel and accommodation expenses are not included in the price. Research their offers carefully.
  • Ask other au pairs who have been in the program longer about their experience and advice on classes.

I hope you find something you enjoy and that you meet new friends while completing the education requirements.

Wednesday, 28 November 2018 7:11 PM


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